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Music Review: Southpaw by James Horner (Score)


Movie: Southpaw

Composer: James Horner

Review: It’s disheartening to commence a music review by stating the fact that the composer of the album has already passed away. And in this case, it’s no ordinary composer. It’s one of the legendary composer, James Horner. Yes, the man behind the beautiful compositions of movies like Braveheart, Titanic, Avatar, Aliens, A Beautiful Mind, The Amazing Spider-Man to name a few. Southpaw can be called his last finished album. For a movie like Southpaw, the score plays an integral part. And when you’ve got James Horner & Eminem on your side to do the job, you’re almost sure it’ll be well accomplished. This review is for the album by James Horner i.e. the music from the motion picture & not the other album which is produced by Eminem himself. Southpaw’s soundtrack started creating buzz when Eminem said he’d produce the soundtrack of the movie & even more when it was used very smartly in the trailers & clips of the movie. James Horner’s score in the movie has a key role too. It balances the things off. The album might not be the best by Horner but it certainly works. It does it’s job. It’s not loud or noisy, nor is it pumped up. Instead, it’s calm & the serenity of the album wins your heart. Piano notes have been used beautifully throughout the album. The opening track called “The Preparations” is one fantastic track. Piano & electric guitar! Deadly combination. You could almost imagine the intensity of Jake Gyllenhaal. The track #3 “A Fatal Tragedy” is probably one of the best of the Southpaw soundtrack. The tracks “A Cry for Help” & “A Long Road Back” uses the Southpaw theme in the most effective way. “Training” is not exactly the kind of track I expected it to be. And this track won’t exactly be used during the training sequences i suppose. This would be placed somewhere right before or after the training sequences of the movie (Ahem.. Eminem’s songs “during” the training sequences). “Hope vs Escobar” is the sole swift track of the album, has a different tone than the rest of the tracks & plays probably during the climax. You’ll love the album if you’re a fan of placid piano notes. And I’d also like to mention that the other Southpaw album has a song composed by James Horner too along with other contributing artistes like Eminem. While the other album releases, we could listen to these soulful tracks & pay homage to Late James Horner.

No. of tracks: 14

Best tracks: The Preparations, A Fatal Tragedy, A Cry for Help, A Long Road Back, Hope vs Escobar.

Rating: 7.5/10