Music Review: Terminator Genisys by Lorne Balfe


Movie: Terminator Genisys

Composer: Lorne Balfe

Review: For a movie like Terminator Genisys, I had never expected a grand soundtrack. And the moment you see something like “Executive Music Producer: Hans Zimmer” during the credits rolling up in the beginning of the movie, one tends to get excited. Without undermining the earlier work of Lorne Balfe, I’d like to mention his previous works such as Assassin’s Creed & Son of God, which were quite impressive. Balfe had been associated with Zimmer lately & the result has been positive. Lorne Balfe surprises you with what he has in store for you with Terminator Genisys. The score of Terminator Genisys has a soul. Terminator theme music has been one of the most recognized theme in the history of cinema. It not only justifies the characters of Terminator truly, but adds a whole new level of depth to it as well. Now, Terminator Genisys is not your typical Terminator movie soundtrack! It’s a modern day cinema soundtrack. The kind of one which we have been hearing it a lot these days. And yes, we do have the very famous Terminator theme music as well, almost unaltered. That’s one of the key factor of the album. It has it’s own merits but also benefits from the previously admired theme. The album right away kicks off with one of the best track of the album “Fate & Hope”. One might just think that it would be a perfect fit for a “Transformer” movie as well, but it fits just right in here too in the given situation. “John Connor” is the track wherein you’d imagine the character itself in some action. Powerful track & another best of the album. The very next track, “It’s Really Me”, has the altered passive form of the Terminator theme music. It leaves an impact over you gradually & start loving it soon. So is the case with the tracks like “If You Love Me You Die”. The final track, “Terminated” has been strategically placed & acts like a treat for the fans. The epic theme of the Terminator almost in it’s original form. All in all, it’s a fine album. If you’re a fan of the soundtrack of the movie series, you won’t be disappointed as it offers more than one expects out of this album.

No. of tracks: 22

Best tracks: Fate & Hope, Bus Ride, John Connor, If You Love Me You Die, Judgement Day, Terminated.

Rating: 7/10


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